The Forex Treemap web app shows you the strenght/weakness of each of the major currencies by using data from 6 different timeframes: monthly, weekly, daily, 4 hours, hourly and 15 minutes.

A treemap displays data as a set of rectangles. The size (and the intensity of the color) of the rectangle shows you how strong or weak the currency is. The color show you the direction of the trend: green means a strong pair, red a weak one.

Each score can go from -100 (very week) to +100 (very strong). The main screen shows the average score of the 6 timeframes.

By left clicking a currency you can see how the average score is made with a treemap of the single timeframes. By right clicking, it comes back to the global view.

By clicking the Show Time Frames Dept button, you can view the global view with also the single timeframes for each currency, all at the same time.

Data are automatically updated every 5 minutes, so no need to reaload the page.

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